Information About Las Vegas Detention Center ( Las Vegas City Jail )

There are a couple of different facilities in and around North Las Vegas that you or a loved one might find yourself dealing with in the event of a legal issue. 

If you know someone who has been arrested in North Las Vegas, then there is a good chance they are being held in the Las Vegas Detention Center (also known as Las Vegas City Jail), which is located in Clark County off of Highway 515.

Their address is 3300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101.

City of Las Vegas Detention Center (Las Vegas City Jail) Location

This center is not to be confused with the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center, also known as the North Las Vegas Detention Center.

The address for the North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center is 2332 Las Vegas Blvd N, North Las Vegas, NV 89030.

In short, there are two facilities with similar names:

  1. The Las Vegas Detention Center ( Las Vegas City Jail )
  2. The North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center, also known as the North Las Vegas Detention Center.

Photos of City of Las Vegas Detention Center (Las Vegas City Jail)

Las Vegas City Jail

Las Vegas City Jail | Helpful Information

Finding An Inmate at Las Vegas City Jail

Finding an inmate at the Las Vegas City Jail is easy with the Inmate Search & Information tool provided on the Las Vegas Nevada government website.

According to their website, those arrested within the city for misdemeanor offenses are held at 3200 Stewart Ave, so if you have a friend or a loved one who has committed a misdemeanor in the area, then this is where they will be.

Las Vegas City Jail – Visitation Hours

Inmate visitations to the city of Las Vegas jail have been suspended because of the Coronavirus. There are no set dates for when visitations will be allowed again. Video visitations for the Department of Public Safety Detention Center, however, are still available.

What Are The Release Times at Las Vegas City Jail?

This information for the release time at Las Vegas City Jail has not been made publicly available. However, you should know that 3300 Stewart Ave is where inmates are freed. You may call the

What types of crimes are inmates usually charged with at Las Vegas City Jail?

We understand the concern of knowing the answer to this question. Since Las Vegas City jail is a much smaller facility than Clark County Detention Center (CDCC), most of the inmates here are usually charged with the following crimes: 

  • larceny (shoplifting)
  • driving under the influence (DUI)
  • domestic violence
  • illegal possession

Are illegal immigrants held at Las Vegas City Jail?

Yes, a number of people are placed on Nevada Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) holds at the Las Vegas City Jail in the month of January 2019. 

This means that they were held in custody for an extra full 48 hours beyond their original release date so that ICE agents could pick them up for possible deportation proceedings. 

However, it is not clear how many of these individuals were ultimately deported. 

Given the large number of immigrants who live and work in Las Vegas, it is likely that the city jail is not the only place where ICE agents are active. This creates an uncertain environment for many residents, as they may be unsure of whether or not they will be placed on an ICE hold if they are arrested by local police. 

Once they are deemed to be illegal immigrants, they will then be transferred to Las Vegas Immigration Jail.

How do I post bail at Las Vegas City Jail?

You can post bail at the bail window at 3200 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101, online, or you can call us at (702) 333-2663 and have us assist you! We can help you post bail 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

What is Las Vegas City Jail’s mailing address?

If you minted on sending a letter to your loved one in Las Vegas City Jail, you may address it using this format and mail it to the address below:


City of Las Vegas Detention Center

3300 Stewart Avenue

Las Vegas, NV 89101

If you have a person in custody at the Las Vegas City Jail, you need to know about what you can and cannot mail to them. Outsiders are not able to mail photographs or packages to inmates.

Does Las Vegas City Jail have a commissary?

Yes. Las Vegas City Jail has a commissary where they can buy snacks, stationery, books, magazines, and toiletries.

How do I transfer funds to an inmate’s commissary account?

If you want to transfer funds to inmates at Las Vegas City jail, you can do the following:

  1. Send money online through a third-party concessionaire service. You can do it by credit or debit card. 
  2. Call (866) 345-1884 toll-free, and do an over-the-phone transfer. 

The funds will be immediately available on the inmate’s commissary account.

Medical Services at Las Vegas City Jail

Las Vegas City jail provides medical care, psychiatric care, and counseling to all inmates.

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