When you find out a friend or loved one is behind bars, it can be an emotional experience. You may be tempted to help them out, or you may receive a call that they want you to bail them out. Agreeing to post bail comes with considerable financial risk, and it isn’t a decision you should make without some critical thought. Before you call the bail bond agent, ask yourself these questions first.

1. How Well Do I Really Know This Person?

Bailing a person out is a big financial decision, and you need to know them very well before you tie up your finances and credit with them. The nature of the charges against them may be shocking and surprising, and this should factor in your decision. If you never thought the individual was capable of committing the alleged crime, it gives you a chance to stop and evaluate how much you know them. If the person is family, consider the history with the individual. You can also reach out to other friends or family members to find out more information about the person as well as gain some insight into the alleged crime. Think about their flight risk.

2. Am I Confident I Can Trust This Individual?

Unfortunately, the sad situation your friend or loved one is in makes this a difficult question. While the bail bond agent ultimately assumes responsibility for the individual’s presence at future court dates, by posting the bail amount, you have a direct connection to this responsibility. It’s important for you to take an objective look at the situation and the individual to gauge whether or not you can trust the person to keep their end of the deal.

While you want to give them a chance to redeem themselves and you want to trust that mistakes happen, if you’ve found yourself betrayed by this individual in the past, you may need to think carefully about giving them another chance. There are no second chances when it comes to legal matters, especially for skipping out on court dates or violating the conditions of release. This brutally honest assessment of the individual may be painful, but it is a necessary step in protecting yourself.

3. Am I Confident This Individual Will Take Personal Responsibility for the Situation?

At this point, it doesn’t matter if you believe they are innocent or guilty of the charges. The more important question is whether or not this person will face the responsibility of the situation and the fact they were connected to illegal activity. People who haven’t been held accountable for their actions in the past may be more likely to avoid the responsibility of facing the court and potential sentencing, choosing instead to blow off the seriousness of the situation or run away. If this happens, you are left with the full financial responsibility to the bail bond agent and get nothing in return, except heartache and disappointment.

4. Does This Person Have a Stable Lifestyle?

An individual who hasn’t learned to be responsible in life doesn’t usually undergo a drastic change simply because they’ve been arrested. Bad habits are hard to break, and another person’s bad habits could cost you dearly if you choose to bail them out. Think about the person’s living arrangements. Does the individual have an apartment or a home that they are financially responsible for? People who have stable housing are generally more motivated and disciplined to make it to their court appearances on time.

However, a person who moves from place to place and doesn’t have a stable residence is less likely to commit to showing up to court and satisfy your arrangement with the bail bond agent. Though you can help them out by finding them stable housing, you have to evaluate the risks in assisting them with their redemption. This means carefully considering the answers to the other questions. Additionally, if the person hasn’t had a stable job or doesn’t have an income, there is also little motivation to follow through with their court dates. There isn’t a fear of loss of income and housing driving a need to stay out of trouble.

Where To Find a Bail Bond Agent

If you’ve decided you can trust your loved one to take responsibility for the situation, turn to All n One Bail to help secure the release from jail. Contact us to start the process, as we provide fast, efficient bonding services in the Las Vegas area.