Many head to Las Vegas for a few days of letting go of their daily stressors for a chance to party and enjoy the nightlife. Vegas is known for an atmosphere that encourages people to enjoy a time of doing as they please, and while many take this advice with a grain of salt, others find themselves having a little too much fun. Sometimes, a night of partying lands someone in the back of a police car. If you get arrested in Las Vegas, whether for a DUI or a crime you didn’t commit, you can call on Lightning Bail, a premier Las Vegas bail bonds company, to keep you from going to jail.

Las Vegas Arrests

Getting arrested in Las Vegas is like getting arrested in any other city. Local law enforcement has determined that the actions of you or your loved one broke local, state or federal regulations or laws. However, the laws of Nevada may not be the same as your own home state, which leaves you at a disadvantage. In the case of public intoxication, you won’t get arrested for being drunk in public in Las Vegas, but you can be arrested if your intoxicated state alters your behavior and you commit another infraction.

Legally questionable behavior in Las Vegas can lead to an arrest and leave you wondering what crime was committed. The following activities could have you ending up in handcuffs, as these are some of the most common Las Vegas arrests:

  • Drunk driving
  • Open and gross lewdness
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Marijuana possession
  • Unpaid casino markers

These might seem like minor infractions to you, but in Vegas, an officer is allowed to make an arrest. Behaviors that are obscene or egregious can lead to a night in jail. More serious infractions could also lead to arrest, such as theft, vandalism, physical violence or other actions.

Reactions to Arrests

After an arrest is made, the police are going to file a report and document the incident. There are two sides to every story, and you may have your own version. There will be a time and a place to have your story known but fighting or resisting arrest won’t help your case.

The offenses of public intoxication and other minor behaviors may get misdemeanor charges, especially if this is an isolated, first offense and no damage or injuries occurred. However, resisting arrest can lead to additional charges that are much tougher to beat. Serious charges are leveled if the behaviors caused serious injuries, property damage or death.

Avoiding Jail

When arrested, you will be taken to the local jail. If the charges are serious, you may not be allowed to post bail immediately. If this is the case, you will spend time in jail while waiting for an appearance before a judge. However, if you are being charged with a misdemeanor you can call Lightning Bail. We are a Las Vegas bail bonds offering 24-hour bail bonds.

With our help, you can post bail and avoid spending any more time than required in jail. Whether you spend the night in jail or you are able to post bail, the smartest thing you can do next is to call an attorney. Their expertise will help you navigate the legal process and represent you at your court appearance.

Facing Charges from Out of State

If you are from out of state and are arrested in Las Vegas, you don’t get a free pass once you get out of jail. The charges stay in the state where they occurred, meaning the state of Nevada is going to be prosecuting the case. Your charges won’t get transferred to Texas, California or any other state you call home.

This means that each court appearance will occur in Nevada, and you will be required to attend court in the state. Nevada has a law that allows an attorney to make the appearance for a client who only has misdemeanor charges, which could mean that hiring a local attorney allows you to go home and not return for court.

What to Do After Being Arrested

There are several things you should do while waiting for an attorney and in the time period between the initial arrest and your court appearance. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Watch What You Say

An officer must have probable cause if an arrest is going to be made, but you don’t have to say anything to the officer other than your name. You may be given a hard time for refusing to answer questions, but if you are non-combative and non-threatening, then you can’t be arrested simply because you didn’t answer an officer’s questions.

Do not try to explain what is going on or give any information to the officers. Your safest responses to an officer when being arrested include telling them you want to invoke your right to remain silent and you want to talk to a lawyer.

2. Don’t Consent to a Search

Do not let an officer search your home, hotel room, car or any other area without a search warrant. If incriminating evidence is found during the search, it can be used against you since you gave your consent. Verbally warn that the officers do not have consent to a search. If you are arrested outside your home, hotel or other dwellings, do not go back inside with the police. What they see could give them probable cause for additional action or charges.

3. Comply Peacefully

Upon arrest, comply peacefully with the booking and processing procedures at the jail. This includes taking fingerprints, having the mug shot taken and surrendering your belongings for inventory. After processing, and if you haven’t been arrested on serious felony charges, you may be entitled to post bail.

How to Post Bail

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