Getting arrested is a scary experience, and if you are not familiar with the bail process, it can be even more daunting.

Fortunately, All-n-One Bail Bonds is here to help explain this subject in an easy-to-digest way.

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How Do You Bail Someone Out of Jail In Las Vegas?

The absolute first step to bailing someone out of jail is determining where they are being held in custody.

Here is a list of different important Las Vegas area jail facilities.


Detention Centers Contact Numbers
Clark County Detention Center 702-671-3900
Las Vegas City Jail 702-229-6444
Henderson Detention Center 702-267-5245
North Las Vegas Detention Center 702-633-1400
Mesquite Detention Center 702-346-6925
Tucker Holding Facility (or Laughlin Jail) 702 298-3460


Each of these jails has an online inmate search function, but if you need our help locating someone you know, contact us immediately. After we find where they are, we can then move to the next step, which is getting them out of jail!

There are three ways to get someone you know out of jail:

  1. Cash Bail. With this option, you pay the bail total directly. You can use cash, cashier’s check, credit card, and sometimes, other options. Cash payments must not exceed $10,000 and must be paid in full.
  1. Released on OR (own recognizance) – This option means you get released from jail without having to pay bail. While not always successful, it is worth asking your defense attorney to request that the court release you on OR. The biggest downside to this option is that you will have to wait in jail until your bail hearing.
  1. Bail Bonds – This is a great option if you cannot afford the full bail amount since it means you will only need to pay a 15% premium of whatever the full bail amount is. For example, if your bail amount is $5,000, you would only need to pay $750 to the bail bond company. This is a non-refundable fee that you pay in exchange for the bail company’s help.

Bail bonds are usually the preferred option for people who want to get out of jail fast. Instead of being locked up behind bars while waiting for your trial to conclude, you can get back to your normal life.

How To Bail Someone Out of Jail Online

If you need or prefer to post bail online, you can do so.

All you have to do is go to the Online Bail Request page on our website and fill out the form. After successful submission and payment, our expert bondsmen will post bond on your behalf.

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