If you’re reading this, you might be wondering, “How much is domestic violence bail?This post explains domestic violence bail bonds in addition to offering easy-to-follow instructions for posting bail.

Domestic violence affects thousands of households each year, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Despite the prevalence of domestic violence, many people have never had to deal with the court system or post bail for their friends or loved ones.

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The Answer

Domestic violence is a crime with a high bail amount.

For a misdemeanor DV crime, such as slapping, grabbing, or pushing the victim, the bail amount in Nevada is usually around $1000. Keep in mind that this amount only applies if the defendant didn’t cause substantial physical harm to the victim.

Also, note that the amount can vary based on the following categorization:

  • Misdemeanor
  • Felony
  • Serious injury caused to the victim

The bail amount for domestic violence is MUCH higher for more intense forms of domestic violence. In fact, in certain cases of domestic violence, the defendant may not even be allowed to get released on bail.

In the case of domestic violence that leads to severe bodily injury or attempted murder, for instance, it’s possible that no bail will be set.

What Else Factors Into How Much Bail Costs For Domestic Violence?

The court assesses the following factors when determining the bail amount: 

  • The severity of the crime
  • Defendant’s criminal history
  • The defendant’s reputation
  • Defendant’s risk to society
  • The likelihood the defendant will get a conviction based on the evidence
  • Defendant’s likelihood of skipping bail

How Long Will I Be In Jail for Domestic Violence?

In accordance with Nevada law, there is a 12-hour cooldown on violent crimes and a 12-hour sober-up on alcohol, marijuana, and other narcotics.

This waiting period is important since it (1) allows the defendant to calm down and (2) gives the judge time to assess their case and set an appropriate bail amount.

How To Handle The Domestic Violence Bail Bond Process

Since domestic violence is so common, our best advice is always to be prepared and understand who to call if you or someone you know runs into an issue.

When dealing with the legal system, it’s always best to seek professional help and not incriminate yourself. Remember your right: Innocent until proven guilty. If you’ve been arrested and need to get out of jail, call us, and we will process your bail bond quickly.

With that said, here are the two options you have during the bail bond process:

Bail Out Option One

Undoubtedly, the best way to bail someone out of jail (in most cases) is to get a bail bond through an experienced bail bond agency.

Bail is expensive and can run well over $10,000. The central advantage of working with a bail bond agency is that you don’t have to pay this amount upfront. You only need to pay a 15 percent non-refundable premium.

This payment goes to the bail bond company, which will then post bond on your behalf. So, for example, if your bail is $20,000, you will only need to pay $3,000 to the bail bond company.

Bail Out Option Two

The second option you have when paying bail is to pay the full amount yourself, which of course, only works if you are able to afford it. If you can afford it, then you’ll have to contact the jail where your friend or family member is being held and ask how you should proceed.

Every jail in Las Vegas follows a slightly different bail payment process.

What Forms of Payment Are Acceptable For Bail?

(1) You can pay with cash as long as the amount is $10,000 or less. (2) You can use a money order or cashier’s check. (3) You can hire a bail bond company to post bail on your behalf. (4) You can use your credit card as long as the amount is $10,000 or less.

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When you or someone you know is accused of domestic violence in Las Vegas, an arrest will take place. After a preliminary hearing, however, the detainee may be able to go free while their trial is ongoing, so long as they pay their bail amount.

If the defendant is unable to pay the full bail amount, they can get a bail bond, which requires them to pay a percentage of the full bail amount (15% in the state of Nevada).

This non-negotiable 15% fee, mandated by the state of Nevada, is paid to the bail bondsman.

What Exactly Is Domestic Violence?

Many presume that domestic violence is a physical fight between two family members or significant others. However, what defines domestic violence is not always clear.

There are many kinds of domestic violence; some don’t even involve physical contact.

Here are a few of the primary domestic violence types:

Emotional Domestic Violence

This type of domestic violence is a form of psychological abuse.

Emotional domestic violence is intentionally dehumanizing, terrorizing, or meant to cause someone psychological distress.

Stalking, public humiliation, and continued harsh criticism are common types of emotional abuse.

Physical Domestic Violence

Physical domestic violence is intentionally striking someone or engaging in other violent physical behavior against someone else.

Physical intimidation or threats are also types of physical domestic violence.

Likewise, preventing someone from getting the proper medical treatment may be considered a form of physical domestic violence.

Economic Domestic Violence

If you withhold finances from your significant other, this may be considered a form of economic domestic violence. The same applies if you maliciously prevent your partner from going to work.

Likewise, if you prevent your spouse or domestic partner from accessing their bank account, this may be regarded as a form of economic domestic violence.

Sexual Domestic Violence

Sexual domestic violence may come in the form of verbal pressure or forcing someone to engage in sexual activity against their will.

But even unwelcomed and forceful sexual advances or comments may fall into this category.

Essentially, if a sex act is not consensual between the parties involved, it will be categorized as sexual abuse.

The Four Jails in Las Vegas Are As Follows

  1. Las Vegas City Jail (Las Vegas Detention Center).
  1. Clark County Detention Center (CCDC or the Las Vegas Detention Center).
  1. North Las Vegas Jail (North Las Vegas Community Correctional Center or North Las Vegas Detention Center).
  1. Henderson Detention Center (or the Las Vegas Immigration Jail).

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