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How Is Bail Set In Nevada?

Bail is set in Nevada at the bail hearing, which takes place 72 hours after an arrest has been made.

Please note that although preliminary case reviews are performed by judges 48 hours after someone has been arrested in Nevada (called the 48-hour hearing), and the judge may adjust the scheduled bail amount at this time, the 72-hour hearing is the actual bail hearing, which is when the defense attorney can argue for a lower bail amount or no bail amount at all for the defendant.

Generally speaking, what the bail amount is set at depends on the severity of the crime and how many past violations the defendant has…if any. While the suggested bail schedule may be followed, ultimately, the judge decides.

Bail Conditions

When deciding the bail amount, a judge considers various factors, including:

  • The severity of the crime
  • History of defendant skipping bail
  • Risks to the victim and the community
  • Flight risk
  • Defendant’s criminal history
  • Defendant’s employment history
  • Defendant’s reputation

The judge may impose some restrictions on the defendant, such as:

  • Remaining within the state or country while their case is ongoing
  • Avoiding contact with the alleged victim
  • Attending substance control counseling (for DUI cases)
  • Installing an ignition interlock device (for DUI cases)

Getting Help From A Bail Bond Company

The cost of bail can be hefty, which is why getting a bail bond is the best option for many people. The premium for bail bonds is only 15% of the total bail amount, meaning that someone only pays $150 (plus a minimal fee) for a bail amount of $1,000.

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