You might be asking, can I pay my own bond?

Answer: It depends on whether you have enough cash on hand to post bail.

Unfortunately, most people do not have enough savings to cover their bail costs. But it gets worse. Many people cannot even cover the cost of their bail premium. There is good news, however, since many bail bond agencies offer payment plans—us included!

Our bail bond plans are highly flexible and specifically tailored to your needs….We understand that you have other financial obligations!

If you need a bail bond fast, call us. Our customer-friendly staff is available 24/7 to assist you. If you are here to learn more about how to pay your own bail bond, keep reading.

Paying Your Own Bail Bond In Cash

Did you know that during your arrest and booking, you may request to make a phone call to a family member, defense attorney, or a bail bond company? This call is important since it allows you to arrange your bail payment or make other arrangements.

Since your bail amount can vary widely, paying in cash can be difficult. But if you or the person paying your bail has the cash readily available, using it to pay your bail is certainly an option.

Paying Using Bail Bonds

If you do not have cash or property for bail, there is another option—getting a bail bond from a reputable bail bond agency!

Bail bond premiums in Nevada are regulated at 15% of the total bail amount, so if your bail is set at $1,000, you will only have to pay $150 to the bail bond company to post bail on your behalf.

Bail bonds are the go-to choice for many people who need to pay bail but cannot afford it or who just want the assistance of a professional bail agent during the bail process.

Paying Using Your Property As Collateral

You may also use your property to post bail, but the real value of the property must be equal to or greater than the required bail amount.

When the case against you is dismissed, the lien against your property will be released. However, if you fail to meet all of the court’s requirements, the court can make a claim against your property.

Flexible Bail Bond Payment Arrangements

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