Starting January 1st, 2023, the state of Illinois will completely eliminate the use of cash bail. This is due to the new Illinois criminal justice reform law known as SAFE-T Act (Public Act 101-0652).

With the new law in place, judges will no longer be able to order defendants to pay cash bail to get their pretrial releases—a significant shift that could have a widespread impact on the criminal justice system not only in Illinois but the country as a whole.

If you live in Nevada, you can easily get a surety bail bond with a licensed bail bond company, which offers you a significant advantage over cash bail since you only need to pay a 15% premium on your total bail amount with a bail bond.

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More About States With No Bail

Illinois is not the only state to have started reforms to eliminate cash bail. In fact, California, Kentucky, New Mexico, New Jersey, Nebraska, Indiana, and New York have all made changes to their bail laws.

The details of these changes are complex and vary per state and per county, but overall, we are seeing a trend to fewer bail requirements and an emphasis on police training and other programs designed to help defendants maintain accountability.

What Are Alternatives To Cash Bail In Nevada? 

Cash bail can be expensive, so it is certainly logical to look into other options.

The three main alternatives you have to cash bail are:

  1. Bail bonds – This is a great option since cash bail is expensive and bail bonds are a lot cheaper. Since Nevada has set the amount for bail bond premiums at 15 percent of the total bail amount, if the defendant’s bail is set at $20,000, they would need to pay $3,000 for their bail bond premium. While $3,000 is still a lot of money, many bail bond companies offer flexible and helpful payment plans.
  1. Getting released on OR – Another excellent option is getting released on OR. When someone is released on their Own Recognizance, this means the court is trusting them to honor the conditions of their release rather than demand a guarantee in the form of a bail bond.
  1. Getting your bail amount reduced – While this is technically not a different option from cash bail, getting a bail reduction can help ease the burden for defendants who are planning on paying the full bail amount themselves.

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